Creative Art Activities Kids Can Make From Nature

Celebrate all things nature! Make playdough dyed with dandelions, try grass weaving, play with trains on tree tracks and lots more!



1. Gather Leaves to Make This 3-Dimensional Tree Craft

“We created this craft during the summer but could easily do it as a four seasons craft for kids by printing off four copies of the tree and adding different things for each season. Add flowers and leaves for spring, green leaves for summer and look for oranges, yellows and browns for autumn. For winter you can either look for older leaves, evergreens or leave it blank maybe adding some snow.” –Kate, Crafts on Sea



2. Make Your Own Nature Paintbrushes

“Make a set of Nature Paint Brushes and have fun indulging in a little nature art painting for kids. This outdoor art is all about the process. It is such a fun process art idea for kids that love being outdoors and all things nature!” –Louise, Messy Little Monster



3. Create Clay Imprints of Flowers and Plants

“This would be a lovely gift from a child to a teacher or grandparent. Its a great craft for all ages though. I highly recommend for adults to give it a try. Its very therapeutic! This project has a lot of possibilities so let your imagine go wild. Find things around the house with interesting textures to imprint the clay.” –My Bright Ideas



4. Go on a Color Wheel Nature Scavenger Hunt

“Your nature color wheel can be enjoyed over and over in different natural locations. Make a game of it and see how many colors you can find in spring, summer, winter and autumn.” –Penny, Mother Natured


5. Learn About Things That Float/Sink by Brewing a Flower Potion

“I set out some flowers and colorful pebbles and invited my children to make ‘flower potions’. The combination of things that float and sink added some interesting STEM discussion to this activity.” –Happy Tot Shelf



6. Make This Awesome Tree Track

“I had wondered if he’d play with it differently than a normal track. And he did! Something about the trunk made him want to run up and down it, over and over.” –Jessica, Play Trains



7. Stone Stacking Challenge

“Go on a nature hunt, or stop by your favorite landscaping supplies store, in search of river rocks or beach stones. Or, find a spot with lots of rocks or stones to do this STEAM activity that does not endanger or vandalize the environment.” –Nell, Rhythms of Play


8. Try Your Hand at Nature Weaving

“Audrey is 6 and did really well with this craft. My two-year-old loves picking the grass, piling it up, and taping it together. It’s great for scissor skills too. Does he like weaving? Eh, not so much.” –Janine, True Aim Education



9. Use Dandelions to Naturally Dye Homemade Playdough

“There is just something magical to children about dandelions. Maybe it is how bright and cheery their sunburst yellow is. Maybe it’s that they are absolutely everywhere. Or maybe it’s just because they are one of the few flowers most kids can pick without getting fussed at. Whatever it is, we are tapping into that magic today as a method to naturally dye homemade play dough.” –Stephanie, Parenting Chaos



10. Make this Gorgeous Nature Crown

“It was much easier than I expected and it turned out to be the most glorious fairy crown my daughters has ever seen!” –Penny, Mother Natured