About Us

Kidsguide is a free resource – print and online –  dedicated to local activities and services in and around Southern California for kids, teens and families. Filled with everything from services and activities to events, Kidsguide is the go-to guide for all families!


Meet our small but mighty team that work very hard to help you make your family life fun, easier, better.



Liz Davis
Publisher & Mastermind

Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, obsessing over commas.

Likes: Kids. Every single one of them.  And… dogs!

Pet Peeve: People who back into parking spaces. Don’t ask me why unless you have at least 10 minutes to listen to my answer.





Tiffany Salter
Marketing Maven

Hobbies: Running the trolley service for my kids and their activities. Hounding my oldest son about his college and scholarship apps.

Likes: Watching show choir. Watching more show choir. Did I mention I watch show choir?

Pet Peeve: Loud talkers…’nuff said.




Alina Na
Editor & Graphics Wunderkind

Hobbies: Netflix marathons, calligraphy & hand-lettering, and sweeping the dirt my dog has left behind from digging craters in the yard.

Likes: Iced coffee and chillin’ with animals (dogs, reptiles, birds, bison… all the animals!)

Pet Peeve: Bruises on fruit.




Wendy Reece
Content Editor Extraordinaire

Hobbies: Dogs, rescuing dogs, taking pics of dogs, cuddling with dogs, finding homes for dogs.

Likes: The beach, baking cupcakes, bike riding, and decorating for holidays.

Pet Peeve: Tardiness.