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Kidsguide is a free resource – print and online –  dedicated to local activities and services in and around Southern California for kids, teens and families. Filled with everything from services and activities to events, Kidsguide is the go-to guide for all families!


Our Small, But Mighty Team

Meet our team that work very hard to help you make your family life fun, easier, better.

Liz Davis
Publisher, Sales Force & Mastermind

Hobbies: Hiking, cooking, obsessing over commas.

Likes: Kids. Every single one of them.  And… dogs!

Dislikes: People who back into parking spaces. Don’t ask me why unless you have at least 10 minutes to listen to my answer.





Alina Na
Editor & Graphics 

Hobbies: Netflix marathons, calligraphy & hand-lettering, and sweeping away dog fur.

Likes: Coffee, candy, and crafting.

Dislikes: Bruises on fruit and beansprouts.





Julianne Bautista
Content Editor

Hobbies: Painting frogs and film photography.

Likes: Broccoli cheddar soup from Panera Bread, rock shows, and botanical gardens.

Dislikes: Mukbang videos (eek) and celery.






Likes: Long walks and burying under blankets.

Dislikes: The front desk bell and delivery people.




Kidsguide in the Media

“Founder of Kidsguide Magazine Celebrates 30 Years Connecting Families to Dreams, Activities, Adventure” – Asia Morris from Long Beach Post, the Hi-lo

Founder of KIDSGUIDE MAGAZINE Celebrates 30 Years Connecting Families to Dreams, Activities, Adventure



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