Clever Tricks to Teach Kids Handwashing & Hygiene

Wash Hands to the “Happy Birthday” Song

It’s the perfectly-timed little tune (that every kid knows) to help little ones wash their hands thoroughly.



Keep Plastic Toys Near the Sink

Every time they wash their hands, they can scrub and wash their little animal friends too. This helps with thorough handwashing! And bonus: you get clean toys too!



Cough & Sneeze Like a Vampire

We found this genius idea from Surfing to Success. Easy as 1-2-3! Pretend to grab your cape, pull it over your face, and cough/sneeze into your arm. Saying “ah-choo” in a vampire accent is totally optional.




Practice Blowing it Away

Little ones can have a hard time learning how to properly blow their nose. Let them practice their nose-blowing skills by blowing a tissue ball across the table, getting up close to a mirror and fogging it up with their nose, or even blowing bathtime bubbles.




Don’t Touch the T-Zone!

This easy strategy comes from Henry the Hand. Let kids know that the “T-zone” is off limits!