Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

The Ronald Reagan Museum experience integrates hundreds of artifacts and dozens of interactive displays for visitors of all ages to explore.

The 18 galleries pay tribute to America’s 40th president, where you can walk onboard the actual Air Force One aircraft; visit the newly installed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter; view a full-size replica of President Reagan’s Oval Office; see a first-of-its-kind hologram of Reagan; and a piece of The Berlin Wall.

Visit the special exhibit, Egypt’s Lost Cities, through April 12.
Time may have eroded the memory of a civilization but not the mystery of what was. Long ago, two bustling cities in ancient Egypt were known throughout the world as cultural centers of power, of wealth, of trade, and novel artistry. One day as the Mediterranean sun beat down on the bay of Aboukir, the cities slipped into the sea without a whisper of wind, buried for centuries.

This story will be told in Egypt’s Lost Cities at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, where more than 200 of these authentic artifacts, including three colossal 16-foot sculptures of a pharaoh, a queen, and a god on view.

Admission: $13-29. Open daily.

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