Queen Mary

Go back in time aboard the legendary Queen Mary.

Once the grandest ocean liner ever built, now a full-service hotel and historical landmark with tours and exhibitions. Explore the ship from bow to stern on your own, or take guided tours to places you’ve only read about. No one tells a story better than the official tour guides with knowledge and insight that is second to none.

From the ship’s groundbreaking construction and royal launch, to her duty as a troopship during World War II, from her golden days of the 1950s, to the time she earned the nickname the “haunted ship,” the Queen Mary’s history is full of action, adventure, romance and paranormal activity. Learn about Winston Churchill’s relationship with the Queen Mary when visiting “Their Finest Hours” exhibition, and see original set pieces from the award-winningfilm, ”Darkest Hours.” The Queen Mary has something for everyone with tours departing daily!

The Steam and Steel tour will take you 25 degrees below the water line where you will walk through four Boiler Rooms, the Turbo-Generator Room, and end in the Engine and Propeller Box room.

Or visit the LEGO Queen Mary on board made from 250,000 LEGO bricks, measuring 26 feet and weighing over 600 pounds.

Visit their site for special events, ticket and pricing information.


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