Orange Coast College Dennis Kelly Aquarium

Orange Coast College Dennis Kelly Aquarium is a student-run training and community education facility where students get hands-on experience working with a remarkably diverse collection of aquatic organisms, from leopard sharks to jellies.

The OCC Aquarium features public hours and private tours run by student aquarium managers for anyone interested in visiting the facility during the normal semesters (mid-Feb through May and Sept through mid-Dec).

The tours highlight diverse exhibits meant to replicate a variety of different habitats ranging from local marine communities, tropical reefs, freshwater planted systems, and stock restoration projects. Tours are generally about 30 – 45 minutes long and may include short feeding demos.

The aquarium is located in the Lewis Center for Applied Science near the library and the OCC Planetarium, which also features public shows and activities.



Orange Coast College Dennis Kelly Aquarium
Lewis Center for Applied Sciences
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 432-5072