Children’s Museum at La Habra

Play in the STEAM Lab, learn about trains in the Model Train Village, ride an authentic, hand-carved carousel, learn about environment conservation, and even dress up in costume and perform on a stage. Enjoy this and more, plus themed family programming on the weekends throughout the year.

Dinosaurs: Thunder Lizards
Until March 1st, explore a Jungle Maze, uncover fossils, and examine teeth and claws trapped in amber in this engaging exhibition. Learn about how dinosaurs are still being researched, how our world has changed since the time of the dinosaurs, and even what a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a chicken have in common.

American Native: First Nations Tales
From March 24th-August 23rd, explore the stories of fifteen tribes from four regions of the United States. Their stories are deeply cultural and reflect the natural wonder of and the close relationship to the land in which we live. Little visitors can partake in hands-on activities that bring wonder and excitement to learning about the history of American Native tribes, including Plains, Cheyenne, Makah, Tongva, and other tribes.


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