Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Summer Classes

Two-day classes will be held onsite at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Students (age 3 – 9th grade) explore

2022 Sessions:

Tales Between Tides (ages 3-5)
Parents and young explorers discover the ocean at “see” level. Enjoy stories and adventures.
June 21-22
June 23-24
August 16-17
August 18-19

Galloping Snails (1st-2nd grade)
Watch snails gallop and other fascinating seashore animal behavior through shoreline exploration and other outdoor activities.
June 28-29
June 30 – July 1
July 26-27
July 28-29

Crab Shells (3rd-4th grade)
Hold hermit crabs, go crab fishing, feed barnacles, and more. Discover the marvelous mud at the salt marsh and how people are connected to the ocean.
July 5-6
July 7-8
August 2-3
August 4-5

Icthyology (5th-6th grade)
Examine the inner and outer workings of a fish, and discover unique features that relate sharks to eels and the garibaldi. Dissections, fishing, fish printing, and fish feeding are all included.
July 12-13
July 14-15
August 9-10
August 11-12

Coastal Field Research (7th-9th grade)
Combine marine biology with art as students conduct laboratory and field research at Cabrillo Beach Coastal Park.
July 19-20
July 21-22


Space is limited – early sign-up is recommended. Registration and information on each session is found on the calendar of their website.



3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro
(310) 548-7562

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