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Urban Aerial’s kids fitness classes are unlike any in Orange County. Kids need exercise, but they also need to have fun. You will be amazed when you see your kid take to the sky and grow while they play.

Practicing aerial arts will help your kid:

  • Become stronger: strength naturally and gradually develops as they learn new skills
  • Become more flexible: Every class begins with stretching. Flexibility is a large part of aerial which reduces the risk of injury on other activities.
  • Make friends: Classes are taught in small groups which helps facilitate friendships
  • Develop confidence: They have seen it over and over, shy kids become more assertive on everything they do with the confidence of having a new (and highly unique) skill.

Recommended for young performers ages 7 to 13.

Kids Aerial Classes
Kids Intro To Aerial. This is the class recommended to every new student. In this class, students get to try silks or hoop and begin learning basic movements.

Kids Aerial Basics
After their first intro class, your kid will be ready for basics. In this class, students will learn the basics of aerial arts. Class sizes are always small (7 to 8 students).

Kids Aerial Level 1
Once students have mastered the basic moves and have a solid foundation they will graduate up to level 1, where they will start learning drops, more intricate wraps, Lyra spinning mounts, and more dynamic poses.

Kids Aerial Level 2
Students in level 2 will focus on more advanced climbs, inversions in the air, double drops, and learn to put sequences together. For Lyra, level 2 students will be learning faster spins, split poses, transitions, drops, and more fluidity of movement. At this level students will be able to perform routines with ease and confidence



8780 Warner Ave #14
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(714) 502-4983

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