· Shared Science

With Shared Science, kids engineer fun through inventive and playful classes, camps and competitive robotics. Programs include:

Early Engineers
Classes combine LEGO Ed with the engineering design process and physical science concepts to captivate K-12 brains.

Program offering classes on the EV3 Mindstorms robotics platforms. Students gain programming skills through the EV3 software. These classes are designed for 4-8 grades.

Brave New Whirled
Team-based coding –– all online. Their fall version is called Brave New Whirled and uses python coding on the repl.it platform. Student teams are creating text-based adventures (ala Dungeons and Dragons other role playing games) and then challenging other student teams to play successfully. Virtual robotics will be offered in spring.

After-School Programs for Learning Pods and Micro Learning Sites
STEMed programs are available in-person/virtual/hybrid to micro learning sites “after school” or to independent learning pods this fall/winter/spring. Contact them to set up the opportunity, October 2020 thru May 2021.

Custom Parties
Shared Science will help you design a physical science or robotics workshop to suit your event needs. Shared Science provides kids (grades K-9) with unique engineering fun that includes LEGO constructions, computer programming or even robotics. Workshop content can be tailored to group age, interests and take-away projects.



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