reDiscover Center

reDiscover develops children’s creativity through hands-on making with sustainable materials. The center offers classes, camps, birthday parties and private workshops which include power tool training for kids.

Tinkering Club – An open studio for independent tinkering. After kids (ages 7+) have mastered safe tool use, they start planning and building their own creations. Facilitators are on hand to adviser tinkerers at every stage of design, construction, and reconstruction.

Crafting Corner – Creatively reuse their collection of upcycled materials to make fantastical art projects. The Crafting Corner is supplied with bins of materials, industrial offcuts, and bits and bobs to inspire creative crafting.

Tool Training – This workshop provides training on on specific tools. Students learn how to properly use safety equipment like eye, dust, and hearing protection. They also learn the safe operation of clamps, hand drills, hand saws, jig saw, and chop saw.