Pasadena Humane Junior Vets & Volunteers Summer Camp

The Junior Vets Summer Camp program explores the worlds of companion animals and urban wildlife. Campers (ages 7-11) unravel the secrets of animal behavior, venture into the world of veterinary medicine, and make many new furry friends along the way.

2024 Junior Vets Session:

  • June 10-20
  • June 24-27
  • July 22 – August 1


The Junior Volunteers Summer Camp program is all about unleashing compassion. Campers (ages 12-14) engage in animal care with hands-on activities including crafting heating pads for kittens, assembling care packages, creating treats for shelter dogs, and more.

2024 Junior Volunteer Sessions: 

  • July 8-18
  • August 5-8



Pasadena Humane
361 S. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105