Long Beach Marine Institute – Ocean Adventure Camp 2019

Looking for a fun, exciting and educational camp for summer 2019? Sign up for Ocean Adventure Camp and experience a unique hands-on approach to marine science.

Each week has a different ocean-related theme and is filled with projects, crafts and aquatic fun designed to promote ocean sciences and conservation. Campers will enjoy weekly field trips, kayaking, an expedition on the research vessel Challenger and much, much more!

Ocean Adventure Camp runs for nine weeks,  June 17 –  August 16. Tuition is $225 per week The day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Extended care is offered for an extra charge of $10 per session (two sessions per day, mornin, 7:30-9 a.m. and afternoon, 3:15-5 p.m.).

This camp is open to kids ages 5-12. For your teens, try their Volunteer Program. It is a great experience that teaches responsibility in a fun environment. Counselor-in-Training is also available.

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Session I: Week 1 June 17 – 21 and Session II: Week 6 July 22 – 26

Venture into the land of invertebrates, no backbone required! These amazing animals include more the 98% of all animal species! See first hand how an octopus changes color and texture to avoid predators while exploring local tide pools. Discover how sea urchins and sea anemones live in a constantly changing habitat, with dangers lurking around every corner! This week is filled with exciting crafts, activities and field trips to keep campers excited and engaged.



Session I: Week 2 June 24 – 28 and Session II: Week 7 July 29 – August 2

Journey with a gray whale as it travels 10,000 miles along the coast! This week will focus on some of the most magnificent animals that live in our oceans: marine mammals and marine plankton. Campers will learn all about plankton, whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions. In each session, campers will get a hands-on look at marine invertebrates collected on our excursion aboard the R/V CHALLENGER. We will also be on the lookout for local marine mammals that may be hanging out in the Long



Session I: Week 3 July 1 – July 3  *(camp is closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th in observance of the 4th of July)

Ever wonder what lives in the darkest depths of the sea? Campers will explore the mysteries of the deep and discover the secrets of the ocean! They will learn about the amazing adaptations and abilities of the strange creatures that live in this unfamiliar habitat. Campers will partake in hands-on activities and experiments to demonstrate the harshness of this environment. *Discounted rate of $140 



Session I: Week 4 July 8 – 12 and Session II: Week 8 August 5 –9

Travel through the amazing liquid jungles found just below the surface of our oceans! The world of fish and their habitats is vast and diverse. This week will cover many different ocean environments such as kelp forests and coral reefs, and illustrate why each habitat is unique not only in structure but in resources for inhabitant survival as well. Campers will learn about the fastest growing forest in the world and realize that coral reefs are complex aggressive predators. Most of all, the campers will understand how important these habitats really are, not only to the ocean but to humans as well.


Weeks 5 & 9 SHARK DAYS

Session I: Week 5 July 15 – 19 and Session II: Week 9 August 12 –16

Come explore the extraordinary world of sharks and their relatives the “bony fish”! Did you know that a shark is a special type of fish? During this week, campers will learn what makes a shark unique and dispel some of the myths that have given sharks such a bad reputation. Campers will also discover the many incredible adaptations that fish have to help them survive in their ocean habitats. Day campers will participate in ocean-themed crafts and activities to help them better understand the concepts being taught.



TEENS check out the vounteer program  (14 years and up)

and  Counselor-in-Training  (13 years old ) – Call to inquire about tuition.