KidzToPros STEM, Sports and Arts Summer Camps

Explore, learn and thrive at KidzToPros STEM, Sports and Arts Summer Camps for kids ages 4 to 14!

KidzToPros camps provide the perfect opportunity for children to develop critical skills and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship in a fun, creative and safe environment. Led by top-tier professional instructors who are passionate about teaching and child development, KidzToPros camps will help your child get the most out of their summer. With dozens of different camps, you’re sure to find a camp that suits your child’s interests and meets your criteria for learning, socialization and safety.


KidzToPros Sports Summer Camp

KidzToPros On-site Sports Summer Camps are designed to keep your child active and engaged, while igniting a love of sport and teamwork! We teach the fundamentals of each sport, including proper technique, skills, strategies and rules of the game. Our programs emphasize the importance of mindful play, leadership, teamwork, respect for others, not giving up, and being kind to one another. Visit website for more info & discounts.


KidzToPros Academics Summer Camp

Prepare your kids for the tech-driven future! Innovative, project-based STEM camps teach kids how to program robots, design & code games, create websites and develop 3D models. Led by top-tier inst

ructors who are enthusiastic about your child’s development, KidzToPros camps will ignite your child’s creativity and passion! Visit website for more info & discounts.

Science & Technology

KidzToPros STEM Summer Camp

Prepare your child for the tech-driven future at KidzToPros STEM camps! Our innovative camps will teach your child how to design and develop websites, games, and interactive stories, and program robots! Your child’s curiosity and passion for technology is sure to be ignited! Visit website for more info & discounts.

Art Camps

KidzToPros Art Summer Camps

KidzToPros Summer Art Camps encourage imaginative thinking and inspire your child to look at the world from new perspectives. Our visual and digital art camps encourage your child to develop their creative potential and bring their ideas to life. From designing websites to creating movies, arts and crafts, and digital arts, KidzToPros Art Camps offer unique opportunities for your child to express themself and inspire others! Visit website for more info & discounts.

Combo Camps

KidzToPros Summer Combo Camps

KidzToPros Summer Combo Camps provide the best of the best. Our Combo Camps make sure your child will experience the most fun and educative camp combination. Whether your kids love STEM, Robotics or Minecraft, and they own a huge enthusiasm for outdoor activities or undiscovered creative potential – Combo Camps are the hit this summer! There’s no more choosing one over the other, get it all in one Combo Camp! Visit website for more info & discounts.