Jungle Junk Critters at Sherman Library & Gardens

This eco-friendly installation features twenty playful sculptures by Ron Yea, local Corona del Mar artist and “master recycler.”

Repurposed art goes by a variety of names: urban art, junk art, found art, funk art, trash art, and weird art, but Ron likes to call it Fun Art! “I take found and collected items that were destined for the landfill, or that would be washed into the ocean, and re-imagine them with a new purpose as FUN ART!”

The pop-up exhibit in the Tropical Conservatory is here to prove one person’s junk is certainly another person’s treasure. Kids will get inspired and want to go home to make their own fun art out of recycled materials!

Jungle Junk Critters runs February 1 – April 30 at Sherman Library & Gardens.

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