El Dorado Nature Center Nature Kids Discovery Camps

While Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine is hopeful for a return to our recreation activities this summer, all programs will be subject to change or cancellation as necessary during the COVID19 pandemic for the safety of our participants. Visit www.LBParks.org for the latest information on program adjustments.

Pre-registration is required. Visit www.lbparks.org to register.

Join us at the Nature Center for fun and exploration this summer! Children will experience nature through investigation, hands-on activities, games and crafts. A simple snack will be provided.



9-11 a.m., 3-5 years old. Children must be potty-trained. This is not a parent participation class. $100 per week.


Buggy Boogie • 39172 June 15 – 19

Hop like a grasshopper over to the Nature Center for some summer bug fun! We’ll flutter like butterflies, roll like roly-polies, and wiggle like worms as we search for Nature’s littlest creatures.


Who? What? Wild! • 39173 June 22 – 26

Every good tale needs a who, what, where, when, and why. Get inspired as we explore the trails in search of animals, habitat, and an adventure to write our own unique nature story.


Time For An Adventure! • 39174 August 17 – 21

Tally Ho! Just like Nature Cat, we are ready to explore the outdoors. Every day we’ll try something new as we play games, investigate, and solve animal clues.


Summer Splash • 39175 August 24 – 28

Dive into everything H2O as we spend the week in a world of water. We may even get a little wet exploring and experimenting with science, magic, and water-loving wildlife.



9 a.m. – noon., 5 – 8 years old. Children must have completed kindergarten.

$120 per week.

NC Gamers • 39176 June 29 – July 3

Unplug and bring your creativity as we develop, design and construct nature -inspired games! From animal track twister to a unique nature center board game, we will make our own summer fun using our wildest imagination.


Shifting Seasons • 39177 July 13 – 17

Celebrate winter in July! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of changing seasons in one wild week. We’ll play with autumn colors, freeze with snow and ice, buzz with spring pollinators, then fast track to some sizzling summer fun.


The Art of Flying • 39178 July 27 – 31

Birds are one of nature’s best examples of combined beauty and design. Join us as we blend art and science to discover more about our feathery friends.


The Quest • 39179 August 3 – 7

Let nature and all of its mysteries be your guide on this El Dorado adventure. Take the unbeaten path, search for clues, and decode rhymes and riddles that will lead you toward what has been hidden. Do you dare to accept the challenge?


Calling All Time Travelers • 39180 August 10 – 14

Hike back to the days when the people of this area built their homes, fed their families, and created tools, music and games using materials they gathered themselves. Follow in their footsteps by experimenting with these activities during a fun-filled week.


El Dorado Nature Center Junior Naturalist Program

9 a.m. – noon, 9 -12 years old. $120 per week

Join our team as we go full steam ahead on the path to become

skilled Naturalists. We’ll go behind the scenes, participate in

hands-on projects and learn new ways to be good stewards of the

Nature Center.


Investigation: Wildlife! • 39181 July 6–10

Join our science team as we get up close to Nature Center plants

and animals. Using observation, investigation, and experimentation,

we’ll uncover nature’s hidden secrets.


Art Is In Our Nature • 39182 July 20–24

Using nature as our muse, we’ll experiment with the connections

between art and the world around us.

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