Creatiive Kiids Art Camps – Creatiive Natiive

Creatiive Kiids Art Camps are 3-4 hour private, at-home camps designed for children to express themselves through mixed media art making and have fun in a judgment-free, exploratory environment. Teachers encourage children to expand their artistic visions through an intentional teaching style and conscientious choices in art materials. Artists are supported in their own art-making decisions, which builds confidence and leads to emotional and interpersonal learning that benefits them throughout their lives. Creatiive Natiive is thrilled to be a part of your child’s art education & growth!




Creatiive Natiive Camp FAQs

Age Requirement

  • Creatiive Kiids Art Camps are for ages 5 & up. All children in camp must to be within 1 year of age from youngest to oldest.

Camp Times & Location

  • Typically, camp is 9am-12pm or 9am-1pm, but different start times are often accommodated. Creatiive Natiive travels all over LA for camp, and will work with you to find the best time based on teachers’ current schedules. Camps are typically within 10 miles from headquarters in Sherman Oaks.

Camp Capacity

  • Depending on available host space, camp capacity is 6 kids at the minimum, and typically 9 kids at the maximum. Smaller or larger groups may be accommodated, so please ask if this applies to you.

Camp Duration

  • Creatiive Kiids Art Camp can be 3 or 4 hours long. Your teachers will arrive 45-60 minutes early to set up, and stay 30-45 minutes after camp to clean up.

Day vs. Week

  • Art camps may be scheduled for any number of days, as long as there is availability. Most commonly, we book single day camps, or week-long camps (“week-long” generally refers to Monday-Thursday, but let them know if you want to extend).


  • Teachers are always developing new projects! Kids may use & learn many new skills, including but not limited to collaging, building, sculpting, painting, drawing, beading, and so much more. Developmentally-appropriate activities are planned based on your group’s age range, and make sure we’re bringing new, awesome materials and tools for the kids to use & explore.


  • 3 hour camp: $155/child/day*
  • 4 hour camp: $195/child/day*

Full payment is due before first camp day.

*as long as there are at least 6 children enrolled