Child Creativity Lab STEAM Camps

Summer Camps will be held through Irvine Public Schools Foundation and are open to the public. (You do not need to be an Irvine resident to enroll.)

July 31 – August 4, 2023

Create Your Own Carnival STEAM Camp (1st – 3rd grade)
Children will use unconventional recycled materials to build their own mini-carnival—they will learn how to innovate and think outside the box as they explore the exciting world of STEAM (STEM + Art) with lessons ranging from engineering to physics to design.

Inventor Week STEAM Camp (4th – 6th grade)
Children will take charge and get to be inventors for the week – using unconventional recycled materials to create their own game, sport, animal, robot, musical instrument and more!


August 7-11, 2023

Makerspace STEAM Camp (1st – 3rd grade)
An open makerspace to choose materials from as students are given challenges that get their creative gears turning. These challenges incorporate STEM fundamentals as well as critical thinking as students hand pick the materials for their projects.

Entrepreneur STEAM Camp (4th – 6th grade)
Instructors will guide students as they work to create their own product, with lessons including engineering, design, budgeting, and marketing. The campers will make their own Shark Tank presentations on the last day of class. Parents are invited to attend this presentation.