Brains & Motion Summer Camps

Attention all parents!!

Let your students dive into an amazing summer adventure at Brains & Motion Summer Camps in LA! Explore a range of STEM, Arts & Sports camps for grades K-8. Learning is fun and possibilities are boundless! Take advantage of the special offer to save $50 on all your summer camp purchases with code KG50. 

Engage in dynamic hands-on experiments, challenging coding activities, and thrilling robotics projects, igniting innovation and honing problem-solving skills. STEM Camp is designed to inspire curiosity, fostering a deep-rooted love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among students.

Discover boundless creativity with painting, origami, and performing arts sessions. Art Camp fosters self-expression, ignites imagination, and explores diverse artistic avenues, nurturing a lifelong love for creativity and deepening appreciation for the arts among students.

Participate in vibrant Sports Camps, including soccer, tennis, and basketball, to foster teamwork, refine skills, and embrace sportsmanship. Inclusive programs prioritize physical fitness and camaraderie, offering a supportive and enjoyable environment for all students, regardless of level.

A summer of endless possibilities awaits your young ones!

Save $50 on each enrollment with the code KG50, until the end of summer!



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