Scouting BSA (Boy Scouts of America)

Scouting BSA is open to boys and girls and includes Cub Scouts (grades K-5) and Boy Scouts (grades 6-12). Each is co-ed and offers a variety of outdoor and badge-related activities, such as camping and hiking, plus learning survival and life skills, such as cooking and first aid. Additional programs for teens and young adults include: Venturing (ages 14-21) Sea Scouts (14-21 ), and career-based Exploring programs (10-20). Summer camps are also offered.

Annual registration fees apply.

Visit their website for information about how to enroll.


Long Beach Area Council
401 E 37th St., Long Beach
(562) 427-0911

Orange County Council
1211 E. Dyer Road, Santa Ana
(714) 546-4990