The Art House

This is the place for kids who love art and for parents who want to give their children the proven advantages of a fine art education. The Art House invites children to experience both the task and comfort of visual art. Their program is unique, structured and teaches kids to recognize, celebrate and maximize their creative gifts. Kids can start anytime!


Pre-K – It’s all about encouragement and confidence building at this level! Pre-K students are introduced to all media (except oil paint) and practice cutting, gluing, drawing and painting through structured lessons. Kids also learn to find colors, shapes, and more!

K/2 – Students learn hand-eye control, the major artists of the 20th century, basic color mixing, pattern, texture and elementary perspective.

2/4 – Students begin simple observational drawing, and practice non-objective, abstract and realistic styles.

4/7 – At this level, students delve deeper into the secrets of drawing and painting. Students work on perspective, tone, value, different styles, expressive line technique, brush control, observational drawing, shading, collage, abstraction, hyper-realism and more!

7/10 – Students focus on technical skill and conceptual development. By the time they reach this level, students can draw any object placed in front of them with accurate perspective, sensitive line quality, thoughtful color use, possible lighting and purposeful composition. Students will also build a portfolio to submit for admission to the high-school level.


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