More Fencing Clubs

Group and private lessons are available at these fencing centers. Camps may be offered.

Anaheim Hills Fencers Club
Fencing for all ages. Different fencing packages are available to allow schedule flexibility, with classes ranging from beginner to elite. Equipment is provided for beginners.

Gryphon Fencing
Teen classes (12-17) and kid’s classes (5-12) teach the fundamentals of fencing and sportsmanship. Private lessons are also available. The youngest fencers can enjoy Little Jedi Fencing, where they’ll learn to fence by following the Jedi code of sportsmanship and fair play.

Golubitsky Fencing Center
Fencing classes and lessons (6+). Camps are offered from one-day to multi-day sessions and are open to members and non-members. First time students can try an Intro/Beginner class for free.

Laguna Fencing Center
Programs for children 6+ from beginners to competitive elite. Summer camps are offered for beginners/intermediate students and advanced students. See website for details.

Orange County Fencing Academy
Fencing programs offering private lessons and group lessons. See website for details.

South Coast Fencing Center
Classes offered for every skill level for ages 5+, from youth development programs to competitive foil programs. A historical European martial arts class is offered for those interest in learning to use historical weaponry such as longswords, daggers, staffs, swords, shields, and more. Private lessons are also available.

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