American Native: First Nations Tales at Children’s Museum at La Habra

Through January 26, 2022

Explore the stories of fifteen tribes from four regions of the United States. Their stories are deeply cultural and reflect the natural wonder of and the close relationship to the land in which we live.

Little visitors can put on a pair of moccasins and enter a Plains teepee to hear the Cheyenne tale of QuillWorker, then pat the travois-pulling dog and ride the war horse.

In the Pacific North West, they can sit in a Makah style canoe, touch a ‘totem pole’ and listen to the story of Clamshell Boy inside a redwood lodge.

Visitors can play Tongva games and musical instruments in the California area, and watch a video of Acjachemen storyteller Jacque Nunez explaining why there are earthquakes when the Turtle Brothers move.

Kids can play lacrosse, pat a moose and enter a birchbark wigwam before reading the tale of Little Firefly in the North East. Tribal stories are a great way to explore the original American cultures in a fun, immersive environment, opening a pathway to understanding that kids from every background enjoy stories and story-telling.



Children’s Museum at La Habra
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