Rising TIDE Free After School Program – Marguerite Kiefer Education Center

Free, weekday program provides homework help and includes a computer bank, comfortable work spaces, and a lending library with nearly 10,000 titles.

Mondays, the tutoring program matches a trained, one-on-one tutor for the school year — tutors not only help with homework, they also give guidance and often become a part of their tuteeā€™s life. The need is great and they are always open to receive new tutors.

Guided Learning, Life Skills and Art Clubs are just some of the clubs that are offered for 6-8 week periods, e.g. Creative Cooking, Manners Talk and Money Counts. The STEM emphasis includes clubs and a Math and Science Center, made possible in part by Southern California Edison.

Special events are held throughout the year, such as a back-to-school prep day with the distribution of school supplies, haircuts, flu shots and more.

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