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CSArts Academy Summer Program

This summer, students can find a nurturing and creative environment at CSArts Academy. Their Academic Enrichment Workshops include college essay writing and study skills for students (ages 12-18).

Fantastical Adventures – Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camps

Introductory camp provides adventurers the opportunity to experience and play through a complete Dungeons and Dragons adventure. All adventures emphasize team-building activities, social skills practice and collaborative problem-solving scenarios. No previous experience is necessary for the introductory camp, but experienced D&D players are also welcome.

My Gym Children’s Fitness Center Long Beach

My Gym offers Preschool PREP Early Learning Program. In their commitment to educate the whole child, the program focuses on imparting to children the skills needed to excel in preschool and beyond.

Oodles – Learning Center. Kids Gym. Activities.

Oodles provides Common Core-specific homework help and tutoring (K-12), as well as summer camps. They offer enrichment programs in writing, math, science, social studies and information technology. Private tutoring, after school programs, preschool academics and more.

Storymakery – Young Author Summer Camp

Storymakery’s Young Author Summer Camp is the first creative writing camp that not only teaches the foundation of plot development but also allows kids to publish their own book series.

The Tutoring Center Long Beach

The Tutoring Center uses a unique system known as “The Rotational Approach to Learning.” Your child will receive intense one-to-one instruction in reading, math and/or writing to rapidly increase academic skills while also improving concentration, focus and attention span.