Summer Experiences & Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

Photo: Ocean Encounter at Discovery Cube OC


These special exhibits are only here for the summer! Don’t miss out on fun and interactive experiences at our favorite Southern California children’s museums.



Lakewood Center Mall
Ends: August 4, 2024

A mesmerizing walk-through event featuring millions of lights, enchanted forests, larger-than-life creatures, your favorite storybook characters, a free circus, infinity rooms, photo ops, and more.



Empire on the Nile
Children’s Museum at La Habra
Ends: August 11, 2024

Experience the rich culture and history of Egypt! Visit the home of Paneb, an ancient Egyptian, and his family, where you can prepare a meal, play with traditional toys and musical instruments, and learn about Bes and Tawret, the gods of home and family. Visitors can also learn hieroglyphics, the importance of scribes, pretend play in a market, and dress up as paleontologists and explore a dig site!




Summer Games in the City
Pretend City Children’s Museum, Irvine
Ends: September 2, 2024

Pretend City’s newest exhibit is a training ground ready for young athletes to test their athletic skills. The exhibit features traditional Olympic events and city-themed challenges. Special programing including fitness training, martial arts, acrobat performance, and more.



Ocean Encounter
Discovery Cube Orange County
Ends: September 2, 2024

Ocean Encounter lets visitors explore the zones of the ocean by visiting interactive stations that focus on the different aspects of ocean life and the threats they face. Don’t forget to check out the museum’s permanent Discovery Cube Sea Lab featuring shark and tidepool tanks, but Ocean Encounter is a limited-time summer experience.



Expedition Dinosaur
Discovery Cube Los Angeles
Ends: September 2, 2024

Experience interactive animatronic dinosaurs and educational prehistoric content through cutting-edge technology. Explore replicas, artifacts, and interactive displays.



Leonardo da Vinci: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.
California Science Center, Los Angeles
Ends: September 2, 2024

Explore 30 ingenious inventions including the Flying Bicycle, Great Organ, Mechanical Bat, and Great Kite. These mechanical wonders come to life from sketches, built by contemporary Italian artisans according to da Vinci’s drawings. Visitors will also. get to see digitally restored reproductions of his iconic artwork including the Last Supper.




Kidspace Campout
Kidspace Children’s Museum, Pasadena
Ends September 15, 2024

Kidspace Campout returns to celebrate the most iconic American summer experiences. Learn about native wildlife, splash through the Arroyo stream, hop on a trike for a road trip over the Golden Gate Bridge, go “fishing” in the blue-sand lake, and gather ’round the campfire for live music, dance, and artmaking.



Butterfly Exhibits
The Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum closes August 25, 2024, tickets for SOAR – Tropical Butterflies at South Coast Botanic Garden are available through August 31, 2024, and Flight! A Live Butterfly Experience at Santa Ana Zoo is still open daily.




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