14 Easter Traditions Your Family Will Want To Do Year After Year


Easter’s around the corner and we rounded up some unique Easter traditions that your family will want to do year after year! Get out there and spread a little Easter cheer!



1. Make Bird Feeders

Use leftover plastic eggs to create these egg-shaped bird feeders.

“Simply dissolve 4oz. of gelatin with one cup of water over low heat. Stir in 6 cups of birdseed until completely coated. Scoop in [plastic] egg molds, close, and put in an egg carton in the refrigerator for an hour. Allow to set for 3 days.” – make-haus

Pop your eggs out of their plastic molds and tie them with twine to hang on a tree or hide them around the yard for birds and squirrel friends to find.



2. Dig for Dinos

If your kid’s more into dinos than Easter bunnies, make these awesome dinosaur surprise eggs! Your kids will love breaking the eggs open to find toys inside. Get the recipe from kidsactivitiesblog.com.



3. Egg & Spoon Relay Races

Grab a wooden spoon and an Easter egg and ready, set, go! Make the race harder by creating obstacles for players to crawl through, walk over, or climb up. This race requires the kiddos to be focused on keeping their egg steady, so THEORETICALLY this is a much calmer, less rowdy kind of relay race (but you can prove us wrong later!) 😏



4. Make a Peep House

We’ve got haunted houses for Halloween and gingerbread houses for Christmas, so keep this fun tradition going with Peep houses for Easter! Use vanilla wafers and candy melts to construct the house, then decorate it with jellybeans, edible grass, candy eggs, and sprinkles. Find out how to make this peep house from Smart School House or a graham cracker version from It’s Always Autumn!



5. Create a Beautiful Easter Egg Inspired by Rechenka’s Eggs

Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco is a story about the beautiful tradition of egg decorating and touches on forgiveness, friendship and love between an Old Babushka and an injured goose named Rechenka. The intricately-designed eggs in the book are authentic reproductions of eggs painted in Ukranian style.

Listen to the story here and learn how to make this beautiful egg craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect. Keep the tradition alive by reading this timeless story year after year.



6. Brighten Up the Neighborhood with Easter Rocks

Paint Easter rocks to brighten up the neighborhood! Young kids can use small paintbrushes while older kids can make fancy designs with puffy paint.



7. Grow a Magical Jellybean Garden

Introduce the idea of how the Easter Bunny will deliver magical jellybeans to kids. When the beans arrive, “plant” the jellybeans in the grass, and later stick a treat in the ground and say they bloomed from the magic beans. Charlene from My Frugal Adventures shares how she started this fun, new tradition with her family.



8. Whip Up Some Easter Bunny Pancakes


How stinkin’ cute will this be for Easter morning? You could make this whole spread or take a shortcut and just whip up Bunny Butt pancakes!



9. Cool Off with Easter Egg Smoothie Popsicles

Blend up a smoothie, pour it into the plastic eggs, and freeze! Pop them out for a healthy and fun snack. See how to make them here.



10. “Egg” a Neighbor’s House

Spread some Easter cheer with your neighbors by ‘egging’ their house! To play, simply bring 6 (or however many you want) eggs with this Easter poem to a friend’s house. Secretly have your kids hide the eggs around the yard. Get the free printable poem and more ideas from Hip2Save.



11. Fashion a Jellybean Necklace

Gather your favorite jellybeans, grab a sewing needle and some thread to fashion your very own custom candy necklace. This project is great for older kids and teens.



12. Decorate an Outdoor Easter Tree

String together plastic Easter eggs to make this whimsical tree decoration.



13. Give Handprint Easter Lilies to Somebunny You Love

The Easter Lily is a traditional flower of Easter and it symbolizes joy, beauty, hope and life. Make this super easy craft with stuff you probably already have at home!



14. Nibble on Rice Krispie Carrots

These festive treats sure look yummy—@theshirleylife shows you how to make them on her story highlights.



Looking for more fun Easter activities for your family? Visit Kidsguide’s Easter Pinterest Board! Let us know below what Easter activity you love doing with your family. 




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