Q&A: Brettso the Great – LA & Orange County’s Children Magician

Kidsguide: How old were you when you started doing magic?
Brettso: About 5 years old!

Q: What’s the best way to get started with magic?
A: Try a simple magic kit! I like the one by Fantasma!

Q: Do you have a rabbit?
A: I don’t. I love animals too much.

Q: Have you ever made a person disappear?
A: Not a person, just objects!

Q: How many parties have you performed at?
A: Over 700 shows!

Q: You are also a very good balloon twister. How did you learn that?
A: I’m self-taught through books and DVDs.

Q: Does a magician tell his secrets?
A: Not really, unless you’re learning a trick.

Q: What was your second choice career?
A: If I didn’t do magic, I’d have to do something in entertainment. I love theme parks, so I’d want to work in theme park management.

Q: Any words for kids wanting to learn magic?
A: Magic has added a lot of fun and amazement to my life. For the parents who want to get more involved, I’d say treat your child’s interest in magic as you would a school sport or any other school activity. Your child will excel in magic and definitely become a better magician.


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