65+ Non-Candy Halloween Goodies to Hand Out

Don’t want to be part of the sugar rush for Halloween? Here’s some ideas for non-candy Halloween treats and favors to hand out. And don’t worry… these ideas are just as sweet!



1. Glow Bracelets & Necklaces

Who doesn’t love glowing at night? Plus, it’s an AWESOME way for kids to stay safe (and stylish!) while walking around at night. Check out this super cute glow stick idea with a free printable from Just Add Confetti.

Glow Stick Halloween Gift Idea from Just Add Confetti


2. Crayons

Add a little bit of color to their Halloween bucket! If you’ve got time, you can use recycled crayons and mold them into spooky Halloween shapes (check these out from Young Wild Me Family Blog) or you can buy mini Halloween-themed crayon boxes in bulk.

Easy DIY Halloween Crayons from Young Wild Me Family Blog

3. Play Dough

Kids love play dough. Check out these super cute Monster Kits from The Simply Crafted Life.

Play Doh Monster Kits from The Simply Crafted Life


4. Slime

Along with play dough, kids also really love squishy, gooey slime! Your trick-or-treaters will definitely be eyeing this Witch’s Brew Halloween Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Halloween Slime by Little Bins for Little Hands


5. Halloween Necklace Kit

Let them get crafty and make their own beaded Halloween necklace from Bebe and Bear. It’ll distract them (hah, for a few minutes) from rolling around in all their candy when they get home. Note: Supervise young kids with small items.

Halloween Beads and String from Bebe and Bear


6. Fruit

But don’t just go with plain ol’ fruit, it’s Halloween! We’ve got to make it cute. Here’s a super easy way to disguise (er, dress up) an apple as Frankenstein from Non-Toy Gifts… or try a jack-o-lantern face with an orange!

Frankenstein Apple from Non-Toy Gifts


7. Bubbles

Bubbles are always a fun choice. Buy them in bulk or find them at most dollar stores. Add this cute tag from The Happy Housie and you’re set!

Halloween Treat Labels for Bubbles from The Happy Housie


8. Mini Beach Ball

Or any ball really, but mini beach balls are our favorites. They come in a variety of fun designs and they don’t cause too much damage when tossed around the house. They’re a little pricier than candy though, so maybe just have a few on-hand to give to that special trick-or-treater that waits patiently for his/her treat.

Mini Beach Ball Assortment from Oriental Trading


9. Pencils & Erasers

These would be great for classroom Halloween goodies… perfect for students to get their writing on. Check out Just Add Confetti‘s free printable to make these adorable black cat pencils.

Black Cats Riding Pencil Broom from Just Add Confetti

10. Juice Boxes or Water

Keep the kiddos (and parents!) hydrated during their quest for sweets and treats. These free printable labels from The Crafting Chicks will look adorable on juice boxes or mini water bottles.

Halloween Juice Box Covers from The Crafting Chicks


More Ideas!

  1. Crazy Straws
  2. Stickers
  3. Stamps
  4. Fruit Snacks
  5. Pretzels
  6. Fruit Cups
  7. Activity Books
  8. Mini Balloons
  9. Mini Cereal Boxes
  10. Temporary Tattoos
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Mini Notebooks
  14. Fidgets
  15. Squishies
  16. Pop Its
  17. Keychains
  18. Plastic Jewelry
  19. Stretchy Toys
  20. Chapstick
  21. Whoopee Cushions
  22. Hair Scrunchies
  23. Magnets
  24. Slinkies
  25. Mini Skateboards
  26. Slap Bracelets
  27. Hot Cocoa Packets
  28. Apple Cider Packets
  29. Mini Coloring Books
  30. Laser Finger Lights
  31. Scratch Paper Art
  32. Mini Lego Sets
  33. Punch Balloons
  34. Trading Cards
  35. Googly Eyes
  36. Toy Soldiers
  37. Fake Mustaches
  38. Pirate Eye Patches
  39. Headbands
  40. Stencils
  41. Cookie Cutters
  42. Microwave Popcorn
  43. Finger Puppets
  44. Colored Pens
  45. Card Games
  46. Beaded Necklaces
  47. Mini Plushies
  48. Glider Airplanes
  49. Mini Flashlights
  50. Hacky Sacks
  51. Kazoo
  52. Tissue Packs
  53. Yo-Yos
  54. Whistles
  55. Sidewalk Chalk


What non-candy Halloween treat do you like to give out? Let us know!





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