10 Things Parents Forget to Bring When Trick-or-Treating

Got everything you need for a cool night of candy and chaos? Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the night brings! Plus: a few tips and tricks on what to do before and after.



Before you go out…

Fill the kids up with a big meal. Hopefully, they’ll be less likely to scarf down the candy.

Prepare the little ones for Halloween scares. Some homes … get into the Halloween spirit, and sometimes costumes are pretty darn scary, so let them know what they can do when it’s too spooky.

Make sure everybody’s visible. Glow necklaces and bracelets are not only fun, but it’s a nifty safety feature too. Extra tip: Get the whole family matching glow colors, so everyone’s easy to find.

And don’t forget to brush up on manners! You could talk about only taking one piece of candy (unless told otherwise), be kind to other children, be courteous of other people’s homes/yards, and to say thank you.


What to bring…

  1. Flashlight: An actual flashlight, not your phone! Save your phone battery and snag a cheap flashlight.
  2. Glow Necklaces or Reflective Tape: Tape a few pieces on your kid’s Halloween costume.
  3. Empty Bag or Backpack:  When someone’s bucket gets too full (or too heavy), dump some of that candy in a spare bag. Also useful for when somebody doesn’t want to hold their lightsaber, or witch broom, or any other costume accessories the whole night.
  4. Stroller or Wagon: Or carry nothing at all and just store it all in a stroller or wagon. Genius!
  5. Jackets: It’s always cooler at night than you think it’ll be.
  6. Water Bottles: You’ll probably be walking a lot this evening! Or as a special treat, hot chocolate in a thermal bottle to stay warm.
  7. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes: Lots of little hands grabbing in bowls of candy and probably some half-eaten melted chocolate while walking.
  8. Snacks: Curb the candy spree and growling tummies with yummy snacks!
  9. Bug Spray: The mosquitos don’t realize summer’s been over.
  10. Basic First Aid: Kids are unpredictable, which means they’re no stranger to scraped knees and elbows. Bring along some bandages just in case someone takes a tumble.


After trick-or-treating…

It’s math time. Listen, we’ll plug in a little learning every chance we get! Have kids count their candy (see who got the most!) and while they’re counting, grown-ups can…

Check for anything suspicious (expired candy, allergies, etc.) Be weary of “homemade” items unless they’re from a trusted family member or friend.


What are your tried and true trick-or-treating tips? Let us know below and don’t forget to have fun!




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