Back-to-School Tips & Tricks!


Attention all parents, it’s that time of year again — back-to-school season! Get ready to tackle the chaos with our treasure trove of tips and tricks. From finding awesome after school activities to creating the perfect homework hideout, we’ve got your back!


Back-to-School Tips


  1. Early Bedtime Practice: Gradually adjust bedtimes to get back into the school routine, ensuring well-rested kids (that’s the goal, anyways).
  2. Closet Cleanup: Make room for new school clothes by purging old ones. Bonus: it’s an organizing adventure!
  3. School Supplies Treasure Hunt: Turn shopping into a fun game. Create a checklist and embark on a school supplies treasure hunt.
  4. Lunchbox Practice: Test-drive lunch packing. Experiment with tasty and nutritious options to find your kid’s favorites.
  5. Morning Dry Run: Practice school mornings a week before. It’s like a rehearsal – minus the stage fright!
  6. Meet-and-Greet Reunions: Reconnect with school friends. Organize playdates or catch-ups to ease the transition.
  7. Study Space Revamp: Create an inviting study corner. A comfy chair, colorful supplies, and good lighting can work wonders. Homework station setup ideas below!
  8. Planner Power: Introduce a planner to kids. It’s a great tool for organizing homework, assignments, and activities.
  9. Morning Playlist: Pump up the morning vibes with a fun playlist. Music can turn the groggy into the giggly!
  10. Positive Pep Talks: Remind kids of the exciting things ahead. Emphasize the new friends, learning, and adventures waiting at school. Keep reading for ideas on what to say!


Homework Help


Homework Station Setups to Start the School Year Off Right

Creating a designated space for school can help with focus and motivation. We found inspirations that will work for small spaces or big spaces—perfect for any home. Let’s get learning!



Genius Strategies to Help Kids Focus on Homework

Is homework time a little distracting? Try one of these strategies! Hint: It involves video games (sorta)!



23 Ways to Make Reading Fun

If you have a reluctant reader, it may be time to think outside the pages! Here’s 23 clever ways to make reading fun (it may involve singing or snuggling up next to the family pet).



After School Shenanigans


72 Clever Questions to Get Kids Talking About Their School Day

Parents! Does this conversation sound familiar?

You just picked up the kids from school and want to know, “How was your day?” and the response is, “fine” or “good.” Aargh.

We know it’s important to keep that line of communication always open when it comes to our kids. It gives you a better sense of what’s going on when they’re not with you and makes them feel valued and loved.

Kids tend to be more descriptive about their day when asked specific, engaging questions. Check out this list of unique questions to get the conversation started! Some questions may work better for your child than others. Remember to elaborate and make them personal to your own kids. Happy chatting!


35 After School Activities (that aren’t just sports!)

The learning and fun doesn’t stop after the school day ends! Here’s 35 awesome ideas for after school activities for any age. Have the kids help make dinner (we’ve got tips and tricks!), explore the neighborhood, exercise and try a sport, or learn how to give back to the community.




Love & Encouragement


50 Encouraging Words Every Child Needs to Hear

Encouraging words can really help young kids and teens thrive in school and life! Positive words ignite inspiration and motivation… and we could all use a little more of that!


Simple Ways to Speak Your Child’s Love Language

What’s your child’s love language? We all have special ways that make us feel extra loved. Kids are no different! Every kid deserves a special blend of love and affection. Here’s some ideas to make sure your child knows and understands you love them.


Encouraging Words Every Parent Needs to Hear Right Now

“If at the end of the day, everyone feels loved, you have done enough.” Parents, if you need a little pick-me-up, a little bit of affirmation, or just some brightness and positivity… we’ve got you covered.





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