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A Note from Liz:

Kidsguide is doing what we do best: giving you information on hundreds of activities to make this summer memorable. In the snapshot of life, you only get 18-ish summer vacations with your kids. In order to not squander a single one of them, here are 44 pages filled with fantastic camps, drive-worthy destinations, and don’t miss summer events—all guaranteed to bring memory-making experiences for you to treasure with your family.

Not what Kidsguide has not done before, is combine this awesome information with the weird, wacky, and gross stuff we know your kids will love. And to do that, we have 1) enlisted the cover artist, Andy Smith (of Factopia fame) to help us, and 2) created a fun, prize-winning game to make fart, spit, and poop facts really come to life!


Tell us your favorite weird and wacky facts!

On that note, we invite you to play our gross game! Weird and gross facts are found throughout this issue. Let each of these factoids serve as a jumping off point to find your own! We challenge your family to send us factoids, tongue twisters, and all around strange tidbits to us. Submit your entry for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Plus, everyone entering will be sent a special—weird—prize (aren’t you curious?). Deadline to enter is August 31, 2023.




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Kidsguide is delivered across Greater Long Beach and Orange County. Find a free copy at your nearest library or email us your zip code for other pick-up spots.




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