The Mom & Me Know-It-All Game: How Well Do You Know Mom?


Step aside newlyweds, this game is all about moms! Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with a fun game the whole family can play. If you’re familiar with The Newlywed Game, then you’re ready to go. Let’s play!


How to Play:

Each person needs a dry-erase board, marker, and small cloth for erasing. If you don’t have boards, make a SUPER EASY one using a picture frame or sheet protector. A piece of paper works just fine too! Have mom and kid sit next to each other (where they can’t see each other’s answers) and be ready to answer questions. We rounded up 30 questions to start off with… pick out the ones that best fit your child’s age and come up with your own!

Game host could arrange questions from easiest to hardest, assign points, break questions into rounds, etc. What’s great about this game is that it could be played a variety a ways! The ultimate goal is to be able to match with Mom’s answers.


Game Play Variations:

  • For little ones: Instead of writing, players could shout out answers.
  • For multiple siblings: Assign points to each question and let siblings go head-to-head.


Game Questions:

  1. What is Mom’s name?
  2. What city was Mom born in?
  3. How many siblings does Mom have?
  4. What is Mom’s occupation?
  5. How old is Mom?
  6. What is Mom’s favorite color?
  7. What is Mom’s favorite store to go shopping at?
  8. Is Mom allergic to anything?
  9. What is Mom’s favorite outfit?
  10. Which famous person would Mom like to meet most?
  11. What has been Mom’s favorite family vacation?
  12. What color is Mom’s toothbrush?
  13. What is Mom’s biggest pet peeve?
  14. What is Mom’s dream vacation?
  15. What is Mom’s favorite dessert?
  16. What year did Mom graduate high school?
  17. What is Mom’s favorite form of exercise?
  18. What sport is your Mom best at?
  19. What is Mom’s favorite food?
  20. What phrase does Mom say the most?
  21. What did Mom study in college?
  22. Who is Mom’s best friend?
  23. What does Mom love most about me?
  24. How many pairs of shoes does Mom have?
  25. What was Mom wearing yesterday?
  26. What is Mom really good at?
  27. What’s an activity you and Mom really love to do together?
  28. What does Mom like to do when she’s alone?
  29. What’s the best food Mom makes?
  30. What is Mom’s favorite TV show?



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