For Lauren Davis

This is a tough one, bear with me.

Working closely with families and children over the years, I’ve come to learn a few things. I’ve met some amazing moms and dads, remarkable kids, and I’d pick up little life lessons and advice along the way in hopes that if I’m ever granted the experience of motherhood, I’d have a little help in my back pocket.

By far, the most profound thing I hear from every parent is that when you become a mother, your whole world shifts, you’re no longer the center of your universe (for the best reason). That position goes to your kids — they become that bright light you endlessly revolve around.

Lauren Davis (left)
Liz Davis (right) Kidsguide Founder

Kidsguide started 36 years ago (when the first issue published) but I’d say it really began 41 years ago when Liz first became a mother, when her world shifted to make room for Lauren Davis, who became this radiant, lion-hearted, amazing woman. A reflection of her incredible mom, for sure.

At the end of March, just as it was starting to feel like the good ol’ pre-pandemic days, our little Kidsguide world was turned completely upside down. Lauren passed away unexpectedly — unimaginably.

Liz may have started Kidsguide, but Lauren and her brother Charlie, are the heart and soul behind it (literally growing up in the background playing, crying, doing whatever kids do while mom is trying to publish a whole magazine out of her home).

Of all the things I’ve learned from parents through the years, there’s not much about when a parent loses a child — maybe because there are just no words. But Lauren was such a force of nature, there’s not a day that goes by where we don’t talk about the impact she left behind.

Lauren continues to be a gracing light over Kidsguide. We’ll continue to help Liz shoulder the burden of loss and Kidsguide will continue to advocate for the hearts of all mothers, especially on days when it’s just too much to face the world.

As always, we are here as a reminder that there is nothing more important than spending time with the people you love. Lauren lived each day with a fierce passion and we hope the ideas you find in this issue ignite a passion in your kids and create joyful moments that live forever.


Alina Na
Kidsguide Editor





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