15 Questions to Encourage Gratitude in Kids

Sometimes, kids (and grown ups) forget all the amazing things and people we have in our lives. Here’s a list of conversation starters to get little minds thinking about all they have to be thankful for.



  1. What is one of your favorite gifts that someone gave you?
  2. What’s one kind or thoughtful thing someone did for you recently?
  3. Who did you thank today? Who thanked you?
  4. What’s your favorite thing about living in our home?
  5. What are you looking forward to this week?
  6. How does technology make your life easier?
  7. What’s the best thing that happened today so far?
  8. What about today has been better than yesterday?
  9. What made you laugh or smile today?
  10. How does it feel to do something nice for someone?
  11. What’s something about each of your siblings that you are grateful for?
  12. What’s one thing you do really well?
  13. What place have you traveled to that you are most grateful for?
  14. What’s the most delicious thing you’ve eaten this week?
  15. Who’s someone who always listens when you talk?






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