Kidsguide Fall/Winter 2021

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From Liz:

After publishing KG for 35 years, we’ve come across a lot of good resources. The best are always ones we know will enrich the lives of your kids, and most importantly help and support you in doing the most important job of all—parenting.

That’s why we’re dedicating this issue of Kidsguide to you. It’s our big warm hug to say you have got this, you are awesome, you are our heroes!

This issue contains the top goodies we’ve found that make parenting easier, kids (and parents) happier, life better. Plus, we’re backing it up with 161 fun outing ideas to have in your pocket, along with a list of people and organizations that can help when you need it. Best part: most of these tips can be torn out and kept handy on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or wallpapered in that quiet space only you know about.

Best way to use this issue:

Scenario: Littles are fighting, bored, possessing wall-bouncing energy (pick one or more). You are running on zero sleep, juggling more tasks than humanly possible, and—did I say—tired, very, very tired, (again, pick one or all).

Strategy: Start with page 5. Remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job at the hardest job in the world! Move onto making your kids feel like a million bucks—pages 3 and 13 (parenting is much easier when all parties are happy). Then check out our Table of Contents for other good stuff meant to create family joy. That is the goal. 🙂



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You can also email us – – your zip code, and we’ll send you the closest pick-up spots.





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  • Lourdes Ayala

    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and helpful resource for mothers and their kids. This magazine truly takes a big weight off my shoulders.
    Thank you

    • Alina Na

      Hi Lourdes!

      You just made our day! We’re so happy Kidsguide is helpful and hope you find lots of fun things to do with your family!

      – Alina, Editor

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