Why Every Parent Should Visit a Teacher Supply Store


Ever wonder where teachers get those nifty posters of multiplication facts or cute classroom décor? Maybe you’re eyeing those organizational bins that would be perfect for the toys all over your living room… or some extra workbooks and practice sheets to really get your child into school mode.

Guess what parents, here’s a little tip: shop where the teachers shop!

You don’t have to be a teacher to shop at a teacher supply store. You’ll find a WORLD of resources, toys, anything really… that’s geared toward children and learning! Need math flash cards? Fun science experiments? Inspirational posters? Try checking out a teacher store…


Lakeshore Learning

If you’ve got little ones, Lakeshore Learning is a must-stop. They’ll have a blast at the free craft workshops*, reading area, and toy tables! And we SoCal residents are in for a treat because their Carson location also features the Outlet, an enormous warehouse attached to the retail store with huge markdowns (like 75% off!)… who’s ready to go shopping?

Lakeshore Learning Store Locator: www.lakeshorelearning.com/stores/locator

Free Crafts for Kids (every Saturday): www.lakeshorelearning.com/stores/free-crafts*

*On hold until further notice due to COVID-19. Events will resume at a later date.



CM School Supply

Holy moly! Resources as far as the eye can see geared towards all ages for every grade, every subject, every topic imaginable. And that’s only half of the store. The other half has an educational toy section and a library of books.

What’s nice about a teacher supply store is you’ll find things here that are harder to come across at your nearest Target. There are kid-friendly storybooks that deal with difficult topics like bullying and divorce. Find toys that are tailored to your child’s specific learning needs… like a clock that teaches how to tell time or a board game that teaches money skills.

CM School Supply also holds fun, in-store events like a Paleontologist Excavation, a Visit with the Cat in the Hat, animal encounters, teaching workshops and lots more!

CM School Supply Store Locations*: shopcmss.com/pages/locations




This is probably a teacher’s best kept secret. It’s like an Etsy shop, but full of digital resources made by teachers for teachers (and parents too)! Teachers Pay Teachers started as a way to bring the teaching community together by sharing and selling resources that would help offset classroom costs. It’s a win-win!

This website has over 3 million resources (a ton of free ones, too!) including worksheets, games, reading help, art projects and a whole lot more for you to download. You can also support the seller by buying products. Make a free account and see for yourself the amazing things you can find on here.




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