35 After School Activities

At-Home Activities

  1. Make dinner together.
  2. Find a new dish to make from another part of the world.
  3. Start an in-home garden and let the kids be responsible for taking care of it. Check out this Easy DIY Indoor Herb Garden idea from Somewhat Simple.
  4. Upcycle an old item from around the house. Paint it and turn it into a decorative piece.
  5. Print photos and start a scrapbook.
  6. Research your family tree.
  7. Make a vision board and continue to add new goals.
  8. Organize the pantry and have kids make the shopping list.
  9. Learn to play a new board game and teach the family.
  10. Make chores fun by doing them in character (pirates, spies, superheroes, etc.)
  11. Build a fort out of cardboard.
  12. Put them in charge of dessert and bake a new treat.
  13. Write and send letters to friends and relatives.
  14. Make snack art. Check out these too cute to eat foods collected by hello, YUMMY.



Explore & Exercise

  1. Hike and explore nearby trails.
  2. Head to the park to run around and play.
  3. Go on a bike ride. Or a scooter, skateboard, roller skates – try a new set of wheels and make it interesting by going a different route every time.
  4. Do kid-friendly yoga. Pre-K Pages has a great list of recommended yoga videos for kids!
  5. Go rock climbing together. Check out these local climbing facilities.
  6. Walk the dog. Or ask a neighbor to help walk their dog.
  7. Visit the library to find new books. Libraries are always offering free activities too!
  8. Let the kids design a backyard obstacle course and hold family races.
  9. Research local historical spots in your neighborhood.
  10. Go geocaching and join the world’s largest treasure hunt.


Classes, Lessons, Practices & Rehearsals

  1. Take art classes. Check out this list of local art studios in Long Beach & Orange County.
  2. Try a team sport like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc. Here’s a list of sports and where to find a team/league in your area.
  3. Or try a solo sport like archery, fencing, golf, horseback riding, etc.
  4. Budding actor? Sign up for acting classes and theatre programs. Here’s a list of local programs in Long Beach & Orange County.
  5. Get hands-on with pottery classes.


Give Back to Your Community

  1. Gather supplies for the local animal shelter. Try making a few of these No-Sew Blankets (from Newlywed Survival) and No-Sew Dog Toys (from Sew Historically) to donate to pets in need.
  2. Tutor someone younger.
  3. Collect food and clothing items to donate to the local food bank/shelter.
  4. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or local park/beach.
  5. Help a neighbor in need. If your child’s old enough, encourage them to help out neighbors who may need an extra hand with chores or babysitting.
  6. Volunteer in your community. Check with local businesses and city facilities.




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