15 Reasons to Enroll Your Kid or Teen in a Theatre Class


  1. Learn to work with others while rehearsing and performing with a cast.
  2. Express emotions when getting into character.
  3. Get experience working with industry professionals such as directors, choreographers, stage managers, etc.
  4. Increase verbal and literacy skills from reading, reciting, and memorizing scripts.
  5. Conquer nerves by preparing for auditions.
  6. Overcome disappointment when they don’t get the part they want.
  7. Show dedication by rehearsing  lines and choreography at home.
  8. Gain confidence when performing on stage in front of an audience.
  9. Develop coordination skills when learning dance routines or stage combat.
  10. Learn to think on their feet during improv exercises or when lines are forgotten.
  11. Make new friends who are also obsessed with the latest Broadway shows.
  12. Challenge themselves by learning new things such as singing, dancing, costume design, set building, stage combat, etc.
  13. Find their voice when learning to deliver their lines with conviction and meaning.
  14. Learn to improvise when something goes wrong onstage.
  15. Stay busy after school instead of sitting at home!

Places That Offer Youth Theatre Classes

There’s tons of reasons why kids and teens should try a theatre class! Looking for a place to start? Check out the list below of theatre programs in Long Beach and Orange County.

Theatre Programs for Kids & Teens in Long Beach

Theatre Programs for Kids & Teens in Orange County




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