101 Family Activity Ideas

Looking for something to do with the family? Here’s 101 ideas to get you started:

  1. Go on a family picnic
  2. Have a family barbecue
  3. Work on a puzzle
  4. Go rollerblading or roller skating
  5. Visit the beach
  6. Complete a science experiment
  7. Bake a dessert
  8. Learn a little American Sign Language
  9. See cool planes at a flight museum
  10. Make a grocery list and go shopping
  11. Clean out the closet and donate clothes
  12. Cook a meal together
  13. Stroll through a nature center or garden
  14. Learn about family history
  15. Camp out in the living room or backyard
  16. Wash the car
  17. Take apart old electronics (carefully—to see what’s inside)
  18. Create a family calendar of everyone’s birthday
  19. Visit the library or bookstore
  20. Play a card game
  21. Go to a museum
  22. Video call a faraway family member
  23. Make a cardboard race car
  24. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  25. Try a pottery or ceramics class
  26. Play frisbee
  27. Go on a family bike ride
  28. Gardening or yard work
  29. Perform a play/skit
  30. Practice drilling holes in scrap wood
  31. Host a trivia night
  32. Learn how to make balloon animals
  33. Paint a bedroom
  34. Build a fort
  35. Create a first aid kit
  36. Play an old-school recess game
  37. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  38. Practice magic tricks
  39. Try a new food or cuisine
  40. Visit the beach
  41. Learn how to juggle
  42. Go through family photos
  43. Go geocaching
  44. Visit a farmer’s market
  45. Entertain the kids with tape
  46. Take a parent-kid cooking class
  47. Get bird seeds and go backyard birdwatching
  48. Learn some yo-yo tricks
  49. Visit some farm animals
  50. Fix something around the house that’s broken
  51. Write a letter to family and friends
  52. Tie-dye old shirts
  53. Draw a map of your neighborhood
  54. Have a staycation
  55. Play balloon volleyball
  56. Read a book together
  57. Learn the phonetic alphabet
  58. Make a cardboard dollhouse
  59. Go fishing
  60. Build a free little library
  61. Get ice cream
  62. Take a trip to the zoo
  63. Visit a farm and pick your own veggies
  64. Rearrange the furniture
  65. Rent a surrey bike or swan boat
  66. Play a family board game
  67. Make a family tree
  68. Visit a historical site and learn its history
  69. Have a paper airplane contest
  70. Visit the ducks at a local park
  71. Make a rock garden for the yard
  72. Memorize the states and capitals
  73. Plan your family’s emergency plan and have a fire drill
  74. Make giant bubbles
  75. Start a collection
  76. Make movie night extra special
  77. Organize the snack pantry
  78. Learn how to play hacky sack
  79. Make a time capsule and bury it
  80. Have a tea party
  81. Learn some yoga poses
  82. Build an obstacle course
  83. Have a sock ball fight
  84. Grow an herb garden
  85. Learn how to tie different knots
  86. Bake your own pizza
  87. Plan the next birthday party
  88. Visit a train museum or go on a train ride
  89. DIY manicures and pedicures
  90. Create a family cookbook
  91. Explore a new playground
  92. Bake a cake and decorate it
  93. Make a stuffed animal zoo
  94. Build a house of cards
  95. Meditate as a family
  96. Go play mini golf and ride go-karts
  97. Make puppets and put on a puppet show
  98. Learn the basics of a new language
  99. Plan a dream vacation
  100. Tell scary stories in the dark
  101. Watch the sunrise or sunset together





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