Top 10 Tips Before Going to a Drive-In Movie

Drive-in theaters may be a thing of the past, but they’re the modern-day solution to help us maintain social distancing while still enjoying a night out to the movies! Here’s out top 10 tips you need to know before visiting a drive-in.


  1. Buy Tickets Early – Due to limited spaces (and popularity!), tickets for drive-ins sell out extremely fast. Follow the theater’s social media to be the first to know when tickets are released for your favorite movies. Most drive-ins sell tickets at the gate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get there early!
  2. Arrive Early – Get to the theater early for the best spot. Cars are usually placed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Most theaters place tall cars like trucks, SUVs, and raised hatches in the back or side rows to minimize viewing obstruction.
  3. Plan for a Late Night – Some theaters offer a double-feature, where you get to see two movies for the price of one! The second showing can go on past midnight.
  4. Dress Comfy – Jammies are your best friend here! You’ll be in the car for quite some time and when the kids get sleepy they’ll already be in their jammies.
  5. Pack Fun Snacks – Make the night extra special by bringing your own special snacks. Pop your own popcorn and let the kids pick out their own favorite snacks and drinks.
  6. Bring Blankets – It can get pretty cool late into the night. Bring some blankets to keep everyone warm and cozy.
  7. Pack a Portable Radio – Drive-ins use FM radio frequencies for movie sounds. You could leave your car on to tune into the FM radio, but it could lead to a dead battery (pack jumper cables!). You can also listen on a radio app on your phone, but that could also mean a dead phone battery and low sound quality. Instead, bring a trusty portable radio so you don’t have to worry about your car or phone.
  8. Don’t Forget the Bug Repellant – You don’t want pesky mosquitos ruining your night out!
  9. Bring a Bag for Trash – The trash will start to pile up quickly, so keep the car clean and have a trash bag handy.
  10. Pack Entertainment – Bring some card games to keep the family occupied before the movie starts.




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