Hopes & Dreams by Swasti Dhagat – Poetry & Art Winner

Hopes & Dreams

The new year is here
so, let’s all cheer
for the bright future ahead

As we open our eyes
to see our dreams become reality
We hope to fill honey
in all the cups of gain

Let the future of all the boys and girls
be as bright as the sun

Let all our worries
be wiped away by the wind
and replaced by joy and cheer

Let every drop of rain
contain the sorrow we have suffered
as it hit the ground and disappears

May all be happy
May all be healthy
May all enjoy prosperity
and may none suffer

– By Swasti Dhagat, Age 12

Swasti is a student from Sounds of Color Studio, an art studio in Orange County offering music and creative art classes for all ages and experience levels. They are a family-owned studio in Santa Ana with a team of experienced and motivating teachers.




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