5 Ways to Make Family Movie Night Extra Special

Wanna make family movie night extra special? Keep reading for seating ideas, popcorn recipes, and a movie ticket printable!



Bring the Whole Cinema Experience Home

It’s been awhile since we’ve been to the movie theaters, so bring the magic home! Print out these movie tickets and set up a makeshift ticket booth for your little patrons to check in. Have mom or dad play the usher and show the kids to their seats.



Get Creative with Seating

Grab some cardboard boxes and turn them into a racecar, the Batmobile, a spaceship or an airplane, then have the kids sit snuggly inside during the movie. You could also set up a fort inside the living room with pillows and blankets for the ultimate, cozy movie night. Doing an outdoor movie night in the backyard? Blow up the swimming pools and fill it blankets or bring out sleeping bags and tents.



Create Themed Dinners or Snacks

Bring the movie to life with a special themed meal or fun snacks. Check out 10 Disney Movie Night Dinner Match-Ups from Meal Planning Blueprints. Rewatching the Harry Potter series? Here’s 41 Magical Harry Potter Recipes from Fun Money Mom. Or is your family going on a Marvel marathon? Mom Endeavors has a super list of Avengers Themed Recipes.



Experiment with Popcorn

Speaking of snacks, no movie night is complete without popcorn! As a pre-show activity, have kids experiment making their own popcorn mix. Set up the popcorn bar with fun mix-ins like cereal, candy, pretzels, chocolate chips etc. Skip the microwave and try Classic Stovetop Popcorn or fire it up with Red Hot Cinnamon Popcorn. This Cake Batter Popcorn with sprinkles looks like a party in a bowl and this savory Parmesan Ranch Popcorn is the perfect movie night treat!



Play Dress Up

Dust off the old Halloween costumes, make your own, or wear themed t-shirts and dress up to your favorite movie. Every midnight movie premiere needs diehard fans dressing up! This handmade Cruella Deville Wig from Etsy seller, Yumbaby, is too stinkin’ cute and how adorable are these Superhero Sidekick Shirts from Happy Life Parties? Makes movie night extra cute, if you ask us!



How do you make movie night extra special? Let us know below!




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