10 Indoor Snow Day Activities for Kids

Tis’ the season to be freezin’ and during this time of the year… there’s snow place like home. Bring the snow and icy fun indoors with these brrr-illiant activities!



Make Shivery Snow Paint

Photo: Growing a Jeweled Rose

This super easy recipe makes a sparkly, dimensional paint with items you probably already have at home.



Create Your Own Snow Buddy with this No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

Photo: Easy Peasy and Fun

Did the dryer eat one of your socks? No worries! Make this adorable no-sew snowman craft.



Make a Batch of Cool, Stretchy Snowflake Slime

Create a snowstorm in the kitchen with this snowflake slime recipe! Little Bins for Little Hands also breaks down the science and chemistry behind making this cool, stretchy substance.



Duck & Cover for an Indoor Snowball Fight!

Photo: Honey Bear Lane

Bring the madness of snowball fights indoors! Stuff dad’s socks with fluffy, soft batting and get ready to duck and cover! These make for a great rainy day activity too.



Chill Out with a Winter Sensory Bottle

Photo: Natural Beach Living

This blizzard in a bottle is perfect for helping little ones calm down.



Yarn Wrapped Snowflakes

Photo: Paper and Glue

Working with yarn is excellent fine motor practice for little hands. These yarn-wrapped snowflakes are beautiful and are perfect for decorating the house.



Make this Two-Ingredient Faux Snow

Photo: The Purposeful Nest

Grab your hair conditioner from the bathroom and baking soda from the pantry because that’s all you need to make this snowy sensory play activity.



Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Photo: One Little Project

These coffee filter snowflakes are so easy to make and they are so pretty!



Keep Cool with Ice Painting

Photo: Easy Peasy and Fun

Make a batch of ice paints for your kids and let them get super creative while keeping cool at the same time.



Crystal Snowflakes

Photo: Adventures of a DIY Mom

These beautiful crystal snowflakes are easy to make. Set up your jar and wait for the crystals to form overnight!







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