Sweet Ways to Donate or Repurpose Halloween Candy

What are you going to do with all of that candy? Sure, some of it will be eaten, but if you’d like that candy to get put to a sweeter use… look no further! Lucky for you (maybe not so lucky for the kids) there are many creative ways to use leftover Halloween candy.



1. Candy BuyBack Programs

Many dentists will happily take candy off of your hands by the pound! Ask your dentist or visit www.halloweencandybuyback.com to find nearby participating dentists. Kids can earn cash for candy! And the candy gets shipped to troops overseas. We think that’s a win-win for everyone. Make sure to call participating locations ahead of time. Some dentists have certain buyback guidelines.


2. Treats for Troops

Operation Gratitude has delivered more than 2.1 million care packages filled with items donated by grateful Americans and service-friendly companies that want to express their support for heroes serving overseas and here at home. You can express your thanks by sending in your Halloween candy! Operation Gratitude includes a handful of candy in every care package they send.

There are many organizations that take Halloween candy to send to the troops. Check out Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops and Operation Shoebox.


3. Make a Halloween Candy Treat

Dig out those little bags of M&M’s and Kit-Kat bars to make this easy and ghoulish Halloween bark candy from Just a Taste. Perfect for gifting to others! Want other recipes for Halloween candy? Check out our Halloween Pinterest board for all sorts of ideas.


4. Save it for a Gingerbread House

Save those little morsels and ribbons of candy and you’ll have plenty of decorations for your Christmas gingerbread house!


5. Do a Special Halloween Candy Activity

One Time Through put together 40 Halloween Candy Kids’ Activities ranging from arts and crafts to math and science activities! Make chocolate and vanilla playdough, make a candy potion, do some jellybean math, make Twizzler candy bracelets and more!





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