20 Things to Do Besides Trick-or-Treating on Halloween


  1. Make a Halloween Treat
    Put the Halloween candy to good use by making a special treat! Check out these ideas on our Pinterest board.
  2. Video Call Faraway Family Members
    Play a game with friends and family via video call! Here’s a whole list of game ideas.
  3. Paint a Pumpkin
    No-carve pumpkin activities are great for little hands.
  4. Go on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt
    Print out your favorite list from our collection of Pins and start hunting!
  5. Start Your Very Own “Ghost Removal Service”
    Channel your inner ghostbuster and while you’re walking around the neighborhood, see how many ghost (decorations) you can vanquish.
  6. Hunt for Pumpkins / Witch’s Cauldrons
    Fill mini plastic pumpkins/cauldrons with candy and hide them around the house for your kids to hunt down.
  7. Watch a Halloween Movie
    Pop in your favorite Halloween movie and munch on this yummy Hocus Pocus Magic Munch Mix!
  8. Watch Old Family Videos
    Dig out all the old family videos during past Halloweens and have a blast laughing and reminiscing good times.
  9. Host a Private Movie Showing at AMC
    Right now, you can rent out an AMC theater to watch a family-friendly Halloween film for up to 20 people.
  10. Break Out a Spooky Board Game
    Spooky-themed board games are great for Halloween night!
  11. Forage for Fall Foliage
    Take a nature walk outside to find orange leaves, pinecones, spider webs, etc.
  12. Decorate Donuts
    Next time you pick up a coffee, ask your local Dunkin’ for a Halloween DIY Donut Decorating kit!
  13. Visit a U-Pick Pumpkin Farm
    Tanaka Farms in Irvine and Underwood Farms near LA both let you pick your very own pumpkin.
  14. Hold a Family Pumpkin Carving Contest
    Have the family vote for the most creative pumpkin, funniest, etc. Check out our Pumpkin Carving Tips & Tricks.
  15. Do a Halloween Science Experiment
    Gather your little mad scientists and do a fun, magical experiment. See our Pinterest board of Halloween-themed science experiments.
  16. Make a Halloween Craft
    Frighten up your day with a (witch)craft! Make a popsicle stick haunted house, a ghostly sun catcher with cotton balls, or this paper plate flying bat puppets! Check out our whole Pinterest board of Halloween crafts.
  17. Read a Spooky Book
    FInd Halloween-themed books and do a reading marathon! Catch a virtual storytime or see if your library is offering curbside service. Here’s 23 genius ways to make reading fun for kids.
  18. Put on a Family Talent Show
    Show off skills and hidden talents with the whole family as an audience.
  19. Bust Open a Halloween Piñata
    Who says piñatas are just for birthday parties? Fill it with Halloween candies and confetti.
  20. Go on a Halloween Eyeball Hunt
    This funny, weird hunt will be quite the spectacle! See how mom, Cassie, from Get Your Holiday On puts on this fun outdoor activity.

Looking for more things to do? See Halloween events on our calendar!





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