Fire Safety Activities for Kids

These fire-themed activities are great for teaching fire safety, pretend play, and learning how firefighters help our community.


Fire Cup Knock Down Game


You’ll need some red plastic cups, flames made from craft foam, and a water squirter. Then watch your little firefighter put out the flames!



Fire Slime


This slime recipe uses only 4 ingredients with “no funky or scary ingredients.”



Save a Dollhouse from Flames

Place a dollhouse in a bin, cover it in shaving cream mixed with paint or food coloring, and grab a couple of squirt bottles.



Fire Finger Painting


Sneak in fine motor development with finger painting! Create fire finger paintings with red, yellow, and orange paint. Mess-free version: place the paper and a few squirts of paint in a gallon-sized zip bag.



Stop, Drop, and Roll Bowling


These fun, fire-themed bowling game reminds children of one of the most important rules of fire safety.



Fire Watercolor Painting




Graham Cracker Fire Truck Snack


This yummy fire truck snack is super easy for kids to make themselves!



Cardboard Fire Trucks


Aren’t these cardboard fire trucks the cutest things ever?! These are great for pretend play and fire truck races!



DIY Fire Extinguishers


Teach the kiddos about fire extinguishers, then make them their own using a spray bottle and duct tape.



Fire Safety for Kids Resources

Orange County Fire Authority Kids Corner

LA County Fire Department – F.I.R.E. (Family Instructions for Rapid Escape) Guide

Sparky the Fire Dog




What are you favorite fire-themed activities? Let us know below!





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