13 Things Kids Can Read Besides Books


Reading is so important because we use it in every part of our daily lives. Try these creative ways to use all kinds of print materials to incorporate reading at any time of the day. Great for reluctant readers!



Cereal Boxes (Food Packaging)

Read while you eat! Before putting away that cereal box or tossing wrappers, let your kids explore read what it says.


Toy Packaging

Does their new toy have special features? Does it need batteries? Is there an age range? Kids love learning all about their new toys.


Street Signs

Take reading on the road! Street signs, license plates, construction signs, etc. Tell your child, “I need to make a right turn on Main St. Tell me when we get to that street.” This also helps kids be aware of their surroundings.


Seed Packets / Plant Care Tags

Taking a trip to a nursery or garden center? Let your kids read how to take care of the plant.


Clothing Labels

Find out what clothes are made form what materials and how to care for them. Learn laundry symbols too!



Great for kids who want to learn how things work.


Catalogs / Store Advertisements

Sign up for catalogs to your kid’s favorite stores. They’ll love reading descriptions of their favorite things!



Put your little chef in charge of reading of the recipe and calling out the ingredients and instructions.


Play Scripts

Budding little actors and actresses can read and memorize lines to put on a play afterwards. Hint: That means rereading lines and building fluency!


Maps / Atlases

Print out an actual map and highlight the path of your trip. Let your kids follow along to see what cities you passed.


Restaurant Menus

Let your child read the different options before they pick something to eat.


Price Tags / Sale Signs

When you’re walking around the store, let the kids read the price tags and sale signs! Throw in a little math to see if they can figure out the total of all of the items in your cart.


Closed-Captioning on TV

Captions help build word recognition and spelling!



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