Homework Station Setups to Start the School Year Off Right

If your kids will be learning from home this school year, they’ll need a space they can call their own. Creating a designated space for school can help with focus and motivation—we all know it’s a little more difficult to stay on task when learning from a distance.

We found inspirations that will work for small spaces or big spaces—perfect for any home. Let’s get learning!



Mobile Cart Work Station

Photo: designimprovised.com

“A cart like this metal mesh tray cart is an incredibly versatile storage piece. The best part is you can easily roll it to wherever you need it.” – Haeley, Design Improvised



Handmade Fold Down Desk

Photo: www.honeybearlane.com

“I loved the idea of a fold down desk because since you fold it back up when you’re done, there’s no temptation to put crap there. And the convenient shelves can hold his school supplies and keep it organized.” – Heidi, Honeybear Lane



DIY Pop-Up Homework Station

Photo: innerchildfun.com

“I love how this homework station fosters organization skills and inspires lots of focused concentration!” – Valerie, Inner Child Fun



Closet Turned Study Zone

Photo: www.iheartorganizing.com

“My little buddy’s new desk space packs so much personalized organized punch, that he now begs me to do his homework! WINNER WINNER!” – Miss Jen, IHeart Organizing



Over the Door School Supplies Organizer

Photo: www.abowlfulloflemons.net

“My kids used to ALWAYS ask me where to find random school supplies when it was time to do homework… almost every evening. “I need a pencil or I need a marker, etc.”… I was tired of looking for them, so I decided to GET ORGANIZED with it.” – Toni, A Bowl Full of Lemons



Color Coordinated Spaces for Siblings

Photo: www.bhg.com

“This is the perfect fit for a busy family. A line of matching desks and mix-and-match modular storage units line the walls, keeping the room open and providing plenty of work space for each member of the family.” – Better Homes & Gardens



Hallway into Study Hall

“Transform an awkward hallway nook into a clever study space for kids to share.” – Blue Label Bungalow



Kids Homework Station

Photo: www.livecrafteat.com

“We started this new homework station about a week ago, and let me tell you – it’s been glorious! He’s totally into it and loves having his own space for doing his work. Right now we have it propped up on a little table against the wall, but when we get a bigger kitchen table, he’ll have it up there as a sort of “shield” against whatever else is going on in the house.” – Live Craft Eat



Ultimate Privacy & Storage

Photo: www.myjoyfilledlife.com

“… not only are we using [the bookcases] for books and storage, but also as dividers between desks.” – My Joy-Filled Life



Pegboard Organization



The Family-Friendly Workstation

Photo: betrueimagedesign.com

“The kids can hang out with me when I’m working, playing games on their laptop… Even my 4-legged kid likes it – she’s constantly under my feet in here!” – Christy, Be True Design



Dual-Sided Homework Station

Photo: www.hallmarkchannel.com



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