14 Genius Ways to Entertain Your Kids with Tape

With just a little bit of time and a roll of tape, your kids could be entertained for hours! We’ve all got some tape lying around the house, so grab what you’ve got and let’s play!



1. Go to town with this Tape City!




2. Or make a portable floor mat version that can easily be stored away.




3. Or go high and make towers as high as the ceiling!



4. Floor Square: It’s like Four Square but less arguing (maybe) and more fun!


Find out how to play and let the games begin!



5. Racing tracks for pom pom balls so easy to make it’ll blow you away.




6. Get stuck on this sticky spider web game.




7. Prepare preschoolers for Kindergarten with this giant ten frame.




8. Make this beautiful ‘stained glass’ sidewalk art.




9. Set up an obstacle course that’ll burn off that pent up ‘stuck-at-home’ energy.



10. Bring old-school recess games inside!




11. DIY Shuffleboard with a Swiffer mop.





12. Give up your living room couch to make these multi-level roadways.



13. Transform your LEGO Duplo blocks with washi tape.




14. Brush up on those soccer skills with a ball maze.




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